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Tips for Winning any Casino Game

Posted by on Aug 29, 2016 in Best Online Casino Games on Your Mobile, Online Casino Games, Playing Online Pokies For Fun or Real Money

You’ve probably heard of casino games that you can play online; they work in the same ways as real casino games, and same rules apply online and in casinos. This means that there is no cheating, simply because it’s impossible. There are security measures in the casino that prevent cheaters from exploiting the system to their benefit. Online gaming is no different. Once you start playing these games, you won’t be able to stop, and you’ll probably forget about any other way of earning money. Yes, you can earn real money in an online game of poker, blackjack, roulette or any other casino game.

How to Play?

australian-casinos-online-300x204To play online casino games all you need is an account that you create upon registering on casino games website, and a device to play it on. And you can spend as much time as you want playing casino games without leaving your home. Once you get the game on your device, follow the steps on the website to complete your registration and become available for playing online. Depending on what casino game you prefer there are a couple of strategies and tactics you should imply to your style of playing.

Blackjack Strategies.

The best attribute a blackjack player needs to poses is discipline. You need to know when to stop and lay down your cards as well. This is essential in this game and players that don’t know when to stop usually end up going above 21 and losing their chips. When you get two high count cards like a kind or a queen play no more than one card to avoid going overboard. High count cards have 10+ value an every other card goes to 11. So if you get a kind for example as your first card, you have 14, clicking on hit will get you a card with a number from 1 to 10. Playing only one card decreases the chances of going over 21 and losing all of your invested chips. Chips are the in-game currency that has real value for real money, usually dollars. So remember that you are playing with real money.

Slot Machines Strategy.

For the slot machines, tactics are a bit different. Because every slot game online has a limited number of “pulls” after which a jackpot is activated the best and most effective strategy is to play every slot machine once or twice. You can never know when the slot machine is close to going over the limit and hitting the jackpot. This is why trying every slot machine once, increases your chance of winning. If, for example, jackpot activates on every 100th “pull” you can spend hours playing that machine. But if you change slot machines, that is slot machine games in an online casino; you can hit a jackpot by playing a slot machine that is on it’s 98th or 99th “pull” so that you only have to play once or twice to get a jackpot.


So get started today and download a casino game and test your luck.

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Pokies Strategy

Posted by on Aug 29, 2016 in Online Pokies, Playing Online Pokies For Fun or Real Money

When the earliest slot machines were brought to Australia in the early 20th century, there were some ingenious methods crafty people back then could come up with to beat the machine and manipulate the results. The first slot machines were low-tech, crude contraptions which used mechanical parts to operate. The most common cheat tactics employed at the time were the tipping over of the machine, which forced it to release the coins inside of it and the manipulation via a coin on a string. This tactic could enable to player to constantly keep playing the game with only one coin. Nowadays, poker machine or pokies for short, are computer operated machine or just algorithms and cheating is just not possible as it was in the old days.

best-slotsHowever, there are certain tactics players use while playing slot machines or mobile pokies, but not to cheat on the machine and manipulate the outcome, but simply to make gambling a bit more enjoyable.These tactics will not win you more jackpots, not necessarily, but they can assist the player to make better, more prudent decisions while playing, so the overall gaming experience is more fun.

There are several approaches to the game the player can use when it comes to the style of the game and the way of thinking about the game itself to make pokies more entertaining. There is a little bit of possibility that the general advice we hand out here may bring a profit of some sort, but this is completely unintentionally because none of the advice you will find here are constructed to give you any edge over the pokie machine, simply because this is not possible.


The only reason onlines pokies machines are so widespread is the fact they are very profitable. Tactics and strategies which players use while playing is also a part of the game and the designers take special care to incorporate these tactics into the game, so the players place more money on their wagers. This way the game designers and the casino owners can make even larger profits. Pokies games are primarily meant to give a sense of joy and entertainment while playing and should not be viewed as money making instruments. When a gambling man approaches the pokie machine with common sense and-and responsibility, the game of pokies will be much more fun.

Having said all this, we hope that you understand that pokies are a game of chance and that no specific strategies, tactics, approaches, plans, secret moves or magic can make the machine work your way. It is all about the randomness of the outcomes, and the player should view the game as a source of fun and entertainment. So, find your favorite pokie game right now and spin it up a few times, just for fun. You will see what we mean, and the game of pokies will be yours to play, just you and the laws of randomness.

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Characteristis of Online Slots or Pokies

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The human obsession with gambling can sometimes become problematic, but the majority of people can keep this urge under control and participate in the games of chance with a relaxed attitude. Games can be fun and enjoyable, and they can also create a profit for the player, which means that they can serve as a perfect form of entertainment and excitement. We occasionally need something adventurous in our lives and the rush of adrenaline that is present when we make risky decisions while gambling is a very pleasant sensation, and our brains receive a positive stimulation. Gambling nowadays has many forms, and games of chance come in all shapes and sizes, and players have a vast abundance of options to choose from. However, a lot of them are opting for online pokies as their favorite form of gambling, and people from all over the world are participating in this activity.


The term “pokies” is used only in Australia while the rest of the world still holds on to a more traditional phrase – slot machines. If you have ever set foot in a casino, you are familiar with the shape and the sounds of slots. These machines are the most popular machines in land-based casinos, and the first pokies were created at the end of the 19th century. During the 20th century, video slots took the dominant position in the gambling world, and 1980s and 90s were a golden age of electronic slots. Casinos were filled with these machines, and people were pulling levers all day long, hoping to hear that familiar sound of coins rattling and the lights flashing on the screen.

The introduction of personal computers, and especially the Internet, was an important step in the evolution of slots. The games could now be played in the comforts of your home, and this made gambling accessible to even more people. The convenience and the simplicity of using online casinos are easy to understand, and the chance to play against your friends or family is a very attractive addition. Nowadays, pokies are played by more than 40% of Australians, and other nations are also “addicted” to this form of gambling. Web sites sometimes allow you to play directly within the browser, or you have to download the software for playing, but both of these options have the same results in the end. Also, mobile gaming is increasingly taking over the gambling scene, and the majority of casinos are now offering free apps to their registered users. Mobility is another strong attribute for pokies, and players who do not have time to sit in front of the computer all day long can now access their game from almost anywhere.


Modern pokies are filled with interesting options, bonus features, mini-games, and so on. Wild and scatter symbols are also present in almost every game while the sound effects and visual elements are taken to the highest possible level. Pokies now have a storyline as well, which can be interactive and exciting, and software developers are finding new ways to make the gaming experience even more attractive and enjoyable.

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Breakdown of Online Casino Games

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Every online casino has numerous games and not just pokies. Each and every game carries its risk, and it’s not smart to play every game you find. To help you get a hold of everything a casino like this has to offer, we will breakdown games you will stumble on when you visit an online casino.

Poker is a quite common game, and every typical online casino has at least one version of it. The most common way to play the poker is to go through poker rooms. They are set by the casino, and you can play against multiple people, for money or fun. The only negative thing about this is that the house takes 5 percent from all money brought to the table. This is a regular fee and the only fee you should encounter when you visit a poker room. Another way to play poker online is to join live dealers. Some big casinos have this option, where the dealer deals cards live, and players bet live as well.

Poker machines have poker as the underlying theme, but the gameplay is very different from the game on which it is based. Poker machines have two parts, the part in which you try to collect at least a pair and the second part where you double or nothing with your win. These games are simple, and people love them for their simplicity.

Pokies are most common online casino games, and there are hundreds of variations of this game. The basic form of a pokies game is a three reel slots game without any bonuses. Right now the majority of the pokies have five reels as well as numerous bonuses. Some even implement the progressive jackpot in which the big prize increases as people play the game. The only opponent in a pokies game is the house. The bad casino will rig their games in a way that will make it impossible for a player to win anything. Better casinos will rig their games, but still allow players to win, from time to time.

You can play blackjack in every online casino. This game is very popular because it is fast to play and quite easy to understand. The only problem with blackjack that you play online is the number of ways you can get cheated. The probability theory works well for the blackjack that you play regularly, but it falls in the water when it comes to online blackjack. The best option is to find live rooms and play blackjack through them.


Roulette is another game you can find in online casinos and once again you shouldn’t play it unless there is a live room. This is a complex game and no matter what kind of strategy you use, and the house can use cheats to put that plan down. Most known strategy for roulette is the “double-up on a color“ approach. Every casino that recognizes that strategy will shut you down because it is a sure way to earn money on the roulette.

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Best Android Casino Games

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The best experience you can get from casino games like poker, black jack or a slot machine is from casinos. But if you are not that kind of person who likes populated places and prefers the calming ambient of his home rather than overcrowded places you may find that online pokies are now available for Android phones too! Now you can test your skills and your luck wherever you go on your phone. Allegedly checking your email at work while you actually play pokies has never been easier.

How to Start?

All-Slots-Mobile-Casino-on-Android-DevicesBefore you can start playing Android pokies, you will need to download the game from the Android market. As soon as you download it, you can proceed to create your account. This account will serve as the connection between your finance and your casino profile. Once you complete the registration, you are ready to start betting. One thing about playing pokies online that you should remember is that you can’t always depend on your luck. Implementing strategies to your style of play can only be beneficial to your win/loss ratio.

Useful Strategies.


To play like a real pro player you can’t always play safe bets. You need to move up on the list by placing risky bets and following a raise when no one expects you to do so. This confuses other players and changes their perception of your cards in the deck. When you start losing or your luck just doesn’t seem to work, leave that table and move to the next one. Don’t insist on playing on losing tables; this will only drain your budget leaving you without a dollar on your account in the end. Another useful advice about playing poker online is to avoid tables that have minimum wager betting system. These tables won’t get you a lot of fame, and you can loose from low ranking players that affect your status as a top player.

Beginner Tips.

Usually, when you start playing pokies online on your phone or your desktop, you don’t want to spend a lot of money. The best thing for rookies in online pokies is to play and bet safely. Without leaving any room for failure to happen, every step that you make when you play should be calculated. Avoid playing with high ranked players, gaining fame by winning a hand against them might make you popular and increase your rank but this won’t happen every time. In most cases, top players will use their financial advantage and bluff their way to victory by raising bets that your finance simply doesn’t allow. Stick to playing low ranked tables with players that have less experience and you can notice this by checking how much money they have in the bank. These tables are perfect for your safe bets and although you don’t win big your progress is slow but sure.

So go ahead, and visit the Android market to download pokies on your phone to play wherever you go.

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What Are The Most Popular Online Pokies?

Posted by on Aug 28, 2016 in Online Pokies, Playing Online Pokies For Fun or Real Money, The Most Popular Online Pokies

Pokies have been a part of our lives for decades now, and many of us knew how to play pokies before we knew how to read. This says something about the way our parents saw these machines, but also how popular they are. It is impossible to imagine the gambling and game world without these things! Today, the Internet has brought us one step closer to pokies, delivering them on our smartphones and allowing us to play whenever, either for fun or real money.

5 dragons

5-Dragons-SlotIf you like Asian culture and imagery, you are sure to love this game! It’s a classic reel game that looks amazing and allows tempting bonuses. Strike three coins in a row and win or get other combos for additional bonuses. The game provides multiple ways of winning, giving you both a fun thing to do and a real chance of winning cash.

More Chilli

For almost a decade this game has been entertaining millions of people that swear allegiance to it. The dynamic rules let you combine the classic style of 3-reel games with specialties that unlock bonus reels, hidden extras, and a bunch of wilds. Collecting the chilies will get you even bigger bonuses and wins, making this game both fun and prosperous.

Queen of Nile

Queen-Of-The-Nile-Legends-600x233A game that you must have seen in your local pub or any online casino, Queen of Nile is one of the most popular online pokies. Set in the unique Egyptian style this addition to the famous King of Nile is always a right choice. The game offers 20 lines which maximize the potential to win the prize while giving you the thrills and chills all along the way.

50 Lions

The first and to the day, the best 50 fields pokies have never seized to amaze and entertain us! Your screen will be filled with reels and combinations, spinning and making it impossible to miss a combo. There

are so many combinations that there are never two identical rounds which make the game one of the best pass time activities. It is easy to learn and follow and almost impossible to get enough of!

Lucky 88

In the Chinese culture, the number 8 is a charm, and 88 means even more luck. With the unique display of 20 lines, it is sure to keep you nailed to the chair while you play. There is never a dull moment playing the Lucky 88, and the win multipliers are unmatched by any other similar game. It is one of the premium pokies that you absolutely must try!

Indian Dreaming

Indian-DreamingA blast from the past, this Indian themed game will both bring you back to the time of ancient civilizations and remind you of the long time it has been with us – all the way into the last century. The years have not left a scar on this one, it is still as exciting and attractive as it ever was! The interesting thing about the game is that even though it has been around for so long, it is still one of the unique games since there is almost nothing like it out there.

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